Objectives & Methods

-          First: Objectives:

In order to succeed in its mission, the CMERS works on the achievement of the following objectives:

1-      Providing researchers, intelligentsia, and decision-makers with the accurate information, data and useful analysis.

2-      Contributing in the formulation of policies and national strategic plans, helping the decision-makers to make the right decisions, and providing the scientific consultation to both private and public sectors. 

3-      Developing economic indices to serve development in Mauritania and offering the necessary data to boost economic decisions.

4-      Monitoring the movement of society and exploring its economic, moral and religious transformations. Overseeing the impact these transformations have on the society, and pushing forward towards greatest pluses to mitigate negatives that might result from such transformations through both, identification of scenarios and visualization of alternatives.

5-      Contributing to the formulation and development of scholastic curricula, and national educational system as a whole.

6-       Reviving spirit of research and deep valuable studies, rehabilitating researchers and scholars, pushing thinkers and scholars to issue useful books, and the providing a scientific atmosphere to encourage them to scientifically research and produce.

7-       Contributing to the transfer of useful foreign knowledge, and the revival of translation and publishing.

8-       Adopting the CMERS as a research body meant to document, collect, analyze the various information and data, and conduct researches and studies in the various vital aspects of our nation’s life. 

9-      Studying the developed world’s experiences in the field of researches and studies, and making use of them for the good of the nation.

-          Second: Methods:

For realizing the previously mentioned goals, the CMERS depends on the following methods and procedures:

1-      Conducting researches and studies in various areas of interest to the CMERS.

2-      Carrying out of polls, statistics and surveys.

3-      Organizing training and formation courses, seminars, and forums, and documenting their findings in books to serve as scientific references for coming researches and studies.

4-      Publishing books, reports and periodicals …

5-      Presenting important books and academic theses.

6-    Measurement and analysis of national public opinion in the various national issues.

7-    Cooperation with international centers and research institutions to serve the objectives of CMERS.

8-    Cooperating tightly with the intelligentsia, judges, lawyers, doctors … etc.

9-      Organizing research competitions and suggesting research topics to graduate students to rehabilitate them.

10-   Presenting annual prizes to distinguished researchers according to the guidlines of the CMERS’ scientific council.

11-  Coordinating scholarships and training opportunities, to fill shortages of the scientific research, with national and foreign centers, institutes and universities.

12-  Translation & publication.

13-  Conducting feasibility studies.

14-  Accomplishing various studies, researches, formations, and legal and economic consultations the CMERS is in charge of.



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