TheCMERS’s Bodies

The Mauritanian Center for Researches & Strategic Studies CMERS includes four bodies: the General Assembly, the Board of Trustees, the Executive Office and Body of experts andadvisers.

1-      The General Assembly: is the higher body in the CMERS. In addition to the members of the three other bodies, the General Assembly contains the accreditedresearchers, Chiefs of various unites and research circles, and invitees determined by the internal statute.

2-      The Board of Trustees: is the scientific body. It looks after the plans of the CMERS and monitors, as well, its work. It consists of nine members, including the chairman and his deputy, chosen in accordance with the scientific and academic standards.

3-      The Executive Office: responsible of managing and supervising various activities of the CMERS. It consists of five qualified and trustworthy members: the president (the chairman of the CMERS), his deputy, the responsible of studies, researches and polls, the responsible of investigation, publication and translation, and the responsible of training and general activities.

4-      The Body of experts andadvisers: it consists of at least seven qualified, dependable and accredited researchers. Its role is to execute the CMERS’ policies and to evaluate studies and researches.  



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