Vision and Mission

Regarding the growing awareness about the significant role accurate scientific data and objective substantive field Studies play in decision-making; in addition to the availability of informatics under the new atmosphere of freedom of expression our country enjoys nowadays, The CMERS endeavors to be the leading research institution in the field of surveys and studies.

The CMERS seeks to achieve this major objective through giving the encouragement to writing and publishing activities, the rehabilitation of youthful energies, the creation of everlasting bridges of communication between thinkers and decision-makers, and the corporation with nearly all local, regional and international similar institutions.

In brief, the following lines summarize the CMERS’s vision and mission:

-          Vision: the CMERS is a research body meant to document, collect, analyze various information and data, and conduct researches and studies in the various vital aspects of our nation’s life.   

-          Mission & Message: The CMERS is an independent research body interested in studying nearly all aspects of development, future prospects, and observing societal transformations and hindrances to the society’s progress.



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